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Privacy Notice's Privacy Policy Statement

    In simple non technical terms our privacy policy is simple.
    We are in the business of selling Computer Software and Hardware, not customer information.
    We go home at night just like you do and we don't want anyone invading your privacy with junk mail and annoying phone calls anymore than we want it to happen to us.  So when you give us your private information, it is stored securely.  It is never sold or traded.

    We collect information on this site to enable us to process your order efficiently, contact you about your order, and to improve our site.  To do so, we need your name, phone number, shipping address and your email address.  This information is all stored securely.  We utilize the best encryption in the industry to safely store any information that is collected on this site.

     We use "cookies" to keep track of your current shopping session to personalize your experience and so that you may retrieve your shopping cart at any time.

     When you visit Cheapadobe, you are sent a cookie. The cookie is used to identify you while you are at JulySoftware and to keep items in your shopping cart between visits. You do not need to accept our cookie in order to browse or shop at

    We want our customers to have an enjoyable and effective experience when visiting our site so we never use annoying pop-ups.

Terms of Service

    Our store shall reserve the right to refuse selling or providing services to anyone without any explanation.

    1.Delivery of Software purchased in our Store  The Client will receive an email notification (after a successful order), which contains all the necessary directions on how to get to the download , how to get software downloaded and get it activated;
    2.The order will be processed and the access to the customer's area will be given within 1~8 hour or less after the order has been placed. If you do not receive the confirmation email within 24 hours after order placement, you should contact us and the Store will resend it to you if the transaction has not been declined by the billing agency.

Solving problems with software/contact info

    If you cannot install the software or version , please, leave a ticket (which contains only the description of your problem) with the type of question (preferable method) or contact us send us a message.We will reply you ASAP.